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Eat Local

it's good for you

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Do you have a garden? How about a farmer's market in your town? Apple tree in your yard? Chickens in your backyard? Live on a farm? City dweller?

This community exists for people interested in getting as much of their personal food supply as they can (and can afford) from local sources. What's "local" is up to you, though I'd venture to say that any food that travels thousands of miles to come to you isn't local.

Part of eating local is making the effort to find things that grow or are raised in your community. There are no expectations here that members' entire food supplies must be sourced locally. Far from it! I'm more interested in knowing what people have available to them wherever they are, and how they go about getting it - problems, good experiences, whatever.

Political discussion about local food is encouraged. I'm especially interested in brainstorming ways to bring the concept of local food to people who don't think it's an option for them -- I guess local food is a question of access and economics and information. Why is it a good thing? How will local food serve communities in an uncertain (in terms of energy) future? This book was my jumping-off point a few years ago; it's entertaining and thought-provoking.

Nastiness isn't cool, so please leave it at the door.

I'm themowingdevil and I'm yr mod.